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do you mean the gaiety or the gate? the gaiety isn’t really a source of creative cultural output,

I wish I meant the Gate from a cultural point of view by I actually mean a Gaiety style financial model for 224 days a year to fund a home to the Abbey for 141 days a year and a travelling Abbey for the remainder.

The problem with cultural institutions the world over is that they are run by cultural people and not by financial managers, if the Abbey were run like a business it would deliver a free space for the creative output which in turn could be fully financed from ticket sales and corporate support with the government picking up the slack in a bad year or for special events like centenaries etc.

As it stands the Abbey is not maximising income from its current holdings and is not a good case for corporate support because it is run by people who have little understanding of corporate culture. Which makes it very easy for government to refuse funding.

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