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They are a bit of a dodgy addition though aren’t they….. I mean how many scheme have we seen in recent years with some pointless ‘Museum of’ attached to it. Maritime in Dun Laoghaire, Children in Heuston…. I personally find them a bit gimmicky. I suppose that is the point though. They sell the idea to the planning authorities but once the scheme is approved and commences they suddenly become unviable and before you can say ‘cultural attraction’ they become a superpub (with a cultural theme of course)

Im looking forward to seeing Stack A open. I think the DDDA finished off this whole area very well. Just went by it last night having again being told to dismount from my bike on the new bridge. I wonder how long the security will last. Gripes about building height and style aside I think the Docklands looks like a really inviting place in the summer. I think its important taht the section south of OConnell St should be carefully developed to encourage people down towards the Docklands.

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