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@GrahamH wrote:

Surely the Luas platform could just be temporarily shifted southwards? There’s a huge tract of track here (outside Eircom), much longer than the existing stop that could be used to temporaily terminate the Luas instead of its current location. Unfortunately, going by the earlier picture, it seems they still won’t have the width in the roadway that’s required – though I can’t see why three traffic lanes plus the substantial width of the Green pavement isn’t sufficient…

Initially i thought the same Graham, I suppose it all depends on the detail & I am making a few assumptions… but if a TBM is to be dropped or removed within the green, its going to have a major impact. I assume the park itself has been flagged as the location because no section of surrounding roadway will do.

As said by many before, to terminate in the city centre is crazy, at the very least continue to the nearest open park or tract of publicly owned land that will allow the line continue to wherever without the same major disruption to the city centre 5 years+ of completion.

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