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Those plans are available to view now. Actually all looks quite logical to me and definitely an improvement on the current set up. Its not clear but I assume there will be a right turn from Merrion Row onto Ely Place in future for buses etc. It will be interesting to see how Kildare Street reacts to traffic in both directions.

One small point that continues to irritate me is the way pavement build-outs are constructed. Rather than lifting and resetting the kerb line, a second kerb line is installed and the build-out paved to meet it. Despite all the traffic and now the Luas…it must still be remembered that St Stephen’s Green is an historic city square. Some finessing of the design to reflect this would be welcome.

However, despite the rhetoric of that lofty Public Realm Strategy…these improvements seem to have been drafted by the Roads Engineering Team. I would be very interested to be corrected on that.

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