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@Seamus O’G wrote:

And it doesn’t stop there.

There’s say, the Lower Leeson Street pattern, which goes 1-ca. 50 from the Green up to the kiosk, then ca. 50-ca. 100 back from the canal to the Green on the other side. And the all-odd/all-even option. Both of which you mention.

Then on Lower Mount Street, the numbers start on the southern side of the street at the Merrion Square/Holles Street End and go sequentially (1, 2, 3, etc.) up as far as the canal (around number 45/50, I think). Then it’s back to the Holles Street end, where the numbers go (for example) 50,51, 52 all the way back to the canal.:confused:

There may be others.

As far as I know there does not seem to be a pattern. What an interesting city!:)

It’s also very confusing for a rookie courier as well as you could imagine-You learn very quickly from your mistakes!

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