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@Peter FitzPatrick wrote:

Not sufficient space outside luas on Stephen’s Green west from what i understand. I’d be quite happy if the works could be confined to the roadway.

Surely the Luas platform could just be temporarily shifted southwards? There’s a huge tract of track here (outside Eircom), much longer than the existing stop that could be used to temporaily terminate the Luas instead of its current location. Unfortunately, going by the earlier picture, it seems they still won’t have the width in the roadway that’s required – though I can’t see why three traffic lanes plus the substantial width of the Green pavement isn’t sufficient…

Agreed the impact on the Green must be minimised; this is arguably the most scenic part of the park, with that delightfiul winding path leading up to the picturesque keeper’s house, and the huge rolling lawn facing it with magnificent mature feature specimens strategically placed about. It’d be shameful for this to be destroyed.

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