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I’ve never been able to figure out any pattern or logic to the numbering and it seems an (er, sorry) odd thing to have both patterns existing within the same city. Is this variance at all unique to Dublin or has anyone noticed this elsewhere? .

In Ireland it is anyone’s guess… Sneem has North and South Squares; both are located to the east and west of the bridge and are triangles!
In Paris the low numbers start at the end of the street nearest the Seine and then increase as one moves away from it. Great when you are trying to identify where the house is located on a street. Before I knew this, as a student, I once walked the length of the rue de Vaugirard to find a cheap hotel was out by by the Periph.. Pair and impair(even/odd) are on left and right sides.
In Manhattan the numbers start at the south end ad work north; there is a formula (works for most Avenues) for finding the cross-street from the number on an Avenue….. I used to know that stuff when I lved there, now long forgotten.

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