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the interconnector is at an extremely early stage, and the reopening of Broadstone may be regarded as a political tactic to render it unnecessary. there are no route options at this stage. however as Metro North proceeds they will have to design in the interconnector from the outset

A proposed route map has been produced by Irish Rail at a number of presentations. However, this has never been presented to the general public. It is vital that this proposed route, and other options which could also be feasible, should be presented to the public for consultation.

Based on the FACT that the interconnector will be a line with a much higher capacity than the metro, I think it’s a pity that we don’t see it as follows: “As the interconnector proceeds, they will have to design in the metro from the outset.”

That statement would make a lot more sense to me.:(

The main justification for the line is to provide 2 continuous DART lines through the city centre. Balbriggan to Kildare, and Maynooth to Greystones. The current north south alignment will be severed in the city, and cross cty journeys that you do in one today will require interchange underT21

Obviously I understand what the interconnector is intended to achieve. But we had public consultation about the LUAS link-up, the metro north, the original LUAS, LUAS extensions, etc. Why must the highest capacity line ever proposed in this country be routed through St. Stephen’s Green without proper discussion?

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