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Under the Government’s Transport 21 blueprint St Stephen’s Green will become one of Dublin’s main transport hubs as a junction for Luas and Metro services as well as the rail interconnector which will link the city’s main shopping area with Heuston Station and the new Spencer Dock station which opened earlier this week.

I find this all very odd.

At no stage has there been any public consultation about the proposed interconnector.

No invitation for views about the proposed line, and no consultation about the merits of a number of possible routes across the city.

As the main original justification for proposing the line was that it would relieve the bottleneck at Connolly Station – a situation which has now been dealt with to a large extent by the presence of the Docklands Station – I find it amazing that we are being led to believe that this can only be achieved by building the proposed interconnector through St. Stephen’s Green.

There must be other options. And as it’s a very important line, the public should get a chance to see those options and make their views known.

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