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The plan I believe is to leave the tunnel bore under the Green in the “hope” – because they’re not sure if it can be restarted – that the line will eventually be extended to Firhouse.

Re: Iveagh Gardens, the point is the underground has to be next to the Luas station. It has to be St Stephen’s Green. I would hope there’s ways in which the trees can be temporarily moved. The lawn in the Iveagh Gardens is actually the only purpose built archery practice ground in Ireland (afaik). There’s also an elephant from Dublin Zoo that died in 1922 buried there. Not that that makes it worthy of preservation but thought it might interest people.

Just to clarify, I’m not suggesting relocating the metro station from st. stephen’s green for a second, it obviously has to be directly beside the interconnector station … just using the lawn at Iveagh to sink the TBM thereby allowing for much more limited excavation at St. Stephen’s Green to connect in to the bore & construct the underground terminus.

If the lake was sufficient in size to sink the TBM within the green i wouldn’t mind, but i very much doubt it, in which case the cluster to the right of the Fusiliers Arch will be removed. To be clear the group of mature trees to the right of the arch is exactly what is at issue here.

There is no possibility that mature trees of that vintage can be successfully moved.

I don’t want to see metro delayed by an inch but there will be more tara like hassle once people cop on, an alternative should be found.

Interesting stuff about the iveagh lawn jd.

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