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@jdivision wrote:

If you’re talking about the Iveagh Gardens you must be kidding, it’s the nicest park in the city, far nicer than St Stephen’s Gren. The whole reason for doing it at St Stephen’s Green is that it will link up with the Luas green line. This has been known about for two years at least. The deep tunnelling method should work and the undergound station could end up being superb, similar to some of the London underground stations

No quibble with St. Stephens Green as a location for the station jdivision & no doubt that the Iveagh Gardens are a treasure.

The problem is the size of the area required to sink the TBM, which basically means the removal of the mature tree stock in the north west corner of st. stephens green.

I’m suggesting the large lawn of Iveagh Gardens because of its size & proximity, visible on the aerial shot. Lawn can be easily replaced, 200 year old trees that have matured in tandem with the rest of the green can’t.

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