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Yes you are correct. the tractarian influence was not always kind to irish classical churfhes in the C of I.

As you can see from you excellent picture ( for which renewed thanks ) they constructed a narrower Chancel behind the false arch within the easter section of the georgian rectangle and made lombardic romanesque quire aisles and a feeble apse.
Into the northern of these aisles the squeezed most of the contents of the historic west gallery organ. The stalls which you picture at the west end under the gallery continued along quite a stretch of the north and south walls of the nave. If memory serves me these were lost but they may have been reused in the new quire. The ceiling also is unpleasing. Of anglican classical cathedrals this once fine building is fatally compromised. Administrator of Cobh take note. Waterford although altered is sublime. Clogher is plain but not un-pleasing. The old classical cathedral of Cork was decent but unremarkable. Elphin is a ruin.

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