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Fuller does not mention any church in Ringsend in his autobiography (Omniana) , but then he mentions very little about architecture, only a couple of pages in total and some oblique references when telling anecdotes.

Some quotes:
“It would be impossible for me to say how many old churches I have had to deal with in the adding of chancels, transepts, side aisles, etc., removals of plaster ceilings, loose boxes, and three-decker pulpits.”

“I had on hand at one time or another, besides the buildings mentioned above[listed in my earlier posting – KB2], Ashford Castle, Cong, for the late Lord Ardilaun (the bridge is not my work); also his mansion at St. Ann’s, Clontarf, Ballyburley, the residence of Judge Wakeley; Coolavin, the residence of The MacDermott; Tinnakilly House, near Wicklow, for the late Captain Halpin; rebuilding of Barronstown, near Mullingar for the late Col. Malone, after which it was burned and rebuilt a second time, on a smaller scale by the present Colonel Malone from my plans. I also restored Harristown House (after a fire) for the late Mr. La Touche; and, as might be expected, I left my mark in my own county, at Ballyseedy, for Mr. Blennerhasset; at Cahernane, Killarney, for Mr. Herbert; at Dunkerron and Drumquinna, for Sir John Colomb; at Dereen, for Lord Lansdowne; and at the new hotels of Kenmare and Parknasilla.”
Also mentioned are “…rebuilding Burnham, near Dingle, for Lord Ventry.”
“…work on Lord Fitzgibbon’s Residence on the Hill of Howth”
“The third Lord Leitrim was a client of mine….”
Other works of which I am aware include 2 houses on St. Stephen’s Green and its gate lodge; parts of the County Home in Killarney; work on his mother’s family home Derriquin Castle (burned in ’22, pulled down by CIE in the ’60’s and being built on – holiday apartments – should ABP give a green light) and other houses on their estate – Drimina, Reenafurra, etc.
Farmleigh, for which he is probably best known, never gets a mention, but he does say some rather negative things about a client most probably Lord Iveagh. “We rubbed along for three or four years, till the friction became too acute, and then we drifted apart.”

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