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@Denton wrote:

I see a lot of things out of date in those plans.

No Luas:rolleyes:
No Interconnecter Tunnel, still using most of the docklands site in a lot of plans.
The convention centre seems to be missing, and yet most of it is standing already.
Not many of the so called, public squares either.

Its been going a long time and i have nothing agaisnt the development with the exception of asking where does the station go? I know its underground but where will it come up if they’re allready building on it?

Denton this might help.:confused:
Half of the site not yet developed, as you can see from the render the ncc is in the pic, the station built in 2008 behind the apartments and the public square is hard to notice but is behind offices. Block g 20 stories building render below. Two developments awaiting planning permission block DE(render below) and block on spencer render(11 storeys):)

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