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i really like this building, a lot less bland than other stuff around the docklands.Their website says this is not the actual building proposed though but rather just a rep. of what could be!?i think it should go ahead but maybe placed back from the redbricks leaving a pedestrian street between or it could be better as the frontage of the conferance centre?

I really don’t see how this building can go ahead with the listed Wool Store running up to the back of the right handside of the red(white)brick building. Although maybe they plan to send it the same way as the hailing station. If they do feel like knocking listed buildings I’d probably knock the curved wall at the extreme right. It’s inclusion and subsequent ‘wing’ in the building behind (and above, air space how are ya) make the whole thing look decidedly off kilter.

Actually, I don’t really like any of it, when you look at the red brick hotel to the right and then the imagination that’s gone in to this glass heap it looks pretty monterous.

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