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@Paul Clerkin wrote:

The picnic tables on the facade look ridiculous

Agreed PC (sorry Morlan, we usually do agree!).

And that’s at least one floor too tall, breaking the parapet height as it does in what is a streetscape with uniform heights – the only exception being the Alliance Francais on the corner of Kildare Street… Note the last photo in post 2, in which it is illustrated how Benson & Forsythes National Gallery Millennium Extension was made to adhere to the height of the 4 bay Georgian townhouse beside it, which incidentally the National Gallery had been granted permission to demolish, prior to An B.P. being appealed to… Perhaps this scheme too should have been referred to the Bord as well?

The Picnic Tablesâ„¢ as PC so eruditely described them, are a (literally) tacky gimmick, which like their design cousin offset zigzag windows, will I suspect date super quickly…

Finally, why oh why did the designers take as reference their horizontal lines (again) from the block of bilge next door? This combined with the additional height, to my mind, serves only to emphasize the bilge block… Or am I missing something?

A thumbs down from me on this one…

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