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@notjim wrote:

This has caused a huge amount of discussion at work but no-one knows, most people aren’t convinced that there ever was a name and a 1950s Thoms revels none.

Thanks notjim. I thought you might have an insight.

I’m almost certain that it had a name, though. It was one of the first curiosities of the city that caught my eye as a town-going teenager some years ago (on my way from Grafton St HMV / Dunkin’ Donuts to the Dart on a Saturday afternooon- aah the memories ;))- I remember thinking even then that it must have been one of the shortest streets in the city and I don’t think I’ve seen shorter since. Maybe 30 feet long? Hardly a street at all.

The quest continues.

(Note to self- check Craig, Casey, Clerkin, etc.)

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