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And what was possibly the shortest street in the city- no more than a stumpy lane, in fact, but still a named street/alley. I wish I could remember its name. notjim- any ideas? It was at the back of the pub on the corner of Westland Row/Lincoln Place.

This has caused a huge amount of discussion at work but no-one knows, most people aren’t convinced that there ever was a name and a 1950s Thoms revels none. One possibility is that it was called Park Lane, Lincoln Lane was formerly Park Street, the lane behind the Pearse Street houses used to lead from under the railway down as far as where the Social Welfare office is now and was called Park View, what is left of that lane is now called Park Lane East. The park area behind the Westland Row houses was called the Parade Grounds.

One sad thing about the 1950s Thoms was to see how many businesses there were along WR, every house had a business, shops, travel agents, hostels and hotels, it was a really vibrant street!

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