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While the adjoining newly-opened part appears to be a restaurant but that’s open to correction. Could be a more youth-oriented bar. A pity the upper facade wasn’t cleaned or the windows given a makeover. Still very tatty up there.

Do Trinity still own this do you know notjim, with the Read group just leasing it?

Agreed about the granite Trinity building. I clearly remember this going up around 1999-2000, especially as it was one of the few distinctly modern buildings at that time being built in the city core, away from Docklands and Temple Bar. The brise soleils were sooo cutting edge :o. But yes, you should know you’re doing something wrong when the Victorians built higher than you.

I suppose the planning culture of activating pavement fronts and reinvigorating stretches of streets really hadn’t come about about to the extent that it exists today. This development would have been viewed as Trinity’s little project on Trinity’s land, with no relevance to the city. The reproduction boundary wall says it all really. Thank goodness for the softening trees in front, which inject some character and life into oddly pleasant area. Wasn’t there a little cut stone gatehouse or something that was lost here too?

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