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The Starbucks mentioned above to open at the corner of George’s Street & Stephen Street has just got planning permission – Ref. 1301/08. Is there any chance that this one will attract a wider cross-section of the city community, because the College Green one has been full of knobs since it opened 2 & a bit years ago? Actually all 3 city-centre Starbucks so far seem to have been opened with Trinity College south-Dublin knobheads in mind, or “Valley Girls” in the Frank Zappa song. Look at the locations: one at each entrance to Trinity (the College Gn. one & the new one near the bottom of Dawson Street), and one in BT2s, Grafton Street, for when they totter up to buy their Ugg boots and skinny jeans.

The new Starbucks will be diametrically opposite (in ideology and in George’s Street) to Simon’s Place coffee shop at the entrance to the markets. Will a Starbuck’s fit in on boho South Great George’s Street? I suppose it will attract well-heeled airheads from the nearby business college on Aungier Street. But then airheads seem to come out of nowhere anyway whenever a Starbucks opens …

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