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Agreed with Frank – those by now infamous first buildings on the street have to be amongst the worst in the city.
They’re somewhat unique all the same in that they are really the only buildings in Dublin one could most closely describe as Brutalist. Despite all the rubbish thrown up in Dublin in the 60s and 70s, very little of it if any was really in the Brutalist idiom – even Hawkins House doesn’t really fit into the category, it’s just a cheap building that happens to made of concrete 🙂

The George’s St concrete ‘terrace’ really forces itself into its environs quite unlike any other building in Dublin. And again, unlike most of the stuff built in city at the time, it’s a building that looks like it has come directly from a British city – you can really imagine it sitting in Coventry or Glasgow.
Not that I’m advocating its protection or anything…:)

That’s interesting what you say notjim about the new street, a nice idea – so that’s what the curved facade is for.
A pity about the Victorians disappearing as you describe ctesiphon; I thought the street was littered with stuff similar to the concrete blocks further down, so clearly not.

The red brick of this street is a really lovely feature – the building directly across the road from the new curved building being a very fine example with really deep window reveals and rounded brickwork. It went to auction a few months ago…

So is Dunnes opening a megastore in these new buildings in the pics?

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