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The exceptionally high standard of fitout of Dylan McGrath’s new restaurant, as well as the social and economic life it brings with it, is to be warmly welcomed. I particularly like how the array of sash windows of the former bacon curing factory addresses the pavement at eye level as one walks by. I often feel the two-over-two sash is very under-rated – arguably the most elegant pane formation, not least when segment-headed. Of course this building was earmarked for demolition during the boom, which would have been merrily granted by our city fathers if permission was applied for. Now it’s one of its greatest assets, as should be the case with all historic building stock in the city.

I am however disheartened by those hideous awnings, which I knew they’d make a balls of. Firstly, the look proposterous tacked onto a planar facade. I would not have granted permission for awnings on this building, as simply put, they have no reference point. No fascia, no hood moulding and no shopfront frame. They look stupid.

Secondly, an express condition of planning was: The projecting awning shall remain free of any advertisements (including the name of the premises) and the colour of the awning shall be similar and complimentary to the existing awnings on Fade Street. Reason: In the interests of visual and environmental amenity. So both the branding and the colour happily ignored by architects Reddy Associates.

Thirdly, the drawings submitted showed a continuous awning measuring 17.75m in length. The awnings were conditioned: The full length awning at 17.75m shall be omitted from the development and replaced with 3 no. individual awnings, each no greater than 5 metres in length. Given that the new awnings cover precisely the same area as shown in the drawings, something ain’t adding up here lads.

Fourthly, the submitted drawings depicted a traditional striped scheme, while that as erected does not, and clashes with the rest of the street.

A shame such a positive development lets itself down at the final hurdle. And will any of the above be followed up on?

As for Aungier Street, it’s a scandal what happened to that building, a structure far more significant than meets the eye. But what’s the point in wasting breath on these guys, or the system that ‘governs’ them.

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