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Thanks keating, I suppose I should say that I’m actually looking for a technical spec or product reference rather than the basic principles of solar shading. The design is intended to be a flush finished box – hence louvres, trellisses, overhangs etc are all out of the question. I know that Shuco do integretad solar micro blinds but I’ve always thought they looked a bit poxy.

So far the best product I’ve seen is Activ Neutral from Pilkington, since this seems to prevent excessive solar gain without blocking too much light. I think the budget may stretch as far as smart glass but again, I’ve never used it before so I’m not sure if it performs thermally as well as aesthetically.

have you calculated that your solar gains are going to cause overheating in summer???

if not you should do so…

fixing summer over heating by restricting solar gain in the building element is nonsensical… what are you supposed to do in winter?? turn up the boiler!?!?!?

there is a reason brise soleil, louvres and overhangs are used.. its because they create a natural passive guard against summer over heating while still allowing maximum passive winter solar gain…..

what about designing a removable brise soleil…. you can then have your ‘box’ for the majority of the year… while still resolving the issue…

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