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Looks like an interesting building, though I haven’t visited it. From the photos, I’m getting the impression of a bit of Mies’s gallery in Berlin crossed with the little stand-alone bank building in UCD by Andrzej Wejchert (formerly BoI, now AIB).

But what I think is worth commenting on is the proliferation of arts centres in every town in the country. Are they all arts centres only? Are they multi-purpose spaces with wider community functions? Are they all financially self-sufficient?

I’m reminded of an interview I read a few years ago with a jazz musician (can’t remember who) who was talking about the influence of DJ culture on jazz, comparing the inclusion of DJs/mixers/scratch artists in jazz bands in the late 1990s with the rise of ‘ethnic’ percussionists in jazz in the 1970s- Brazilian, Indian, etc. The reason I’m reminded is that he was saying it became de rigueur for bands to include these elements, in the same way as it now seems de rigueur for smaller regional towns to have an arts centre.

(And in the same way as cities on the make think they need certain boxes ticked in order to be at the races- a little bit of Daniel Libeskind, a Santiago Calatrava bridge or two, and the obligatory unbuilt scheme by Zaha Hadid that was too far-fetched for the city council or the city planners.)

There was an article in the back page of the Irish Times Magazine a couple of weeks ago on the subject of regional arts centres, but I didn’t read it and forgot to tear it out. Anyone got it? A link to the archive?

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