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Moving the Children’s Court would be one means of removing knackers from the area. It’s one of the most menacing parts of Dublin at any time of the day or night. Not in the same Looney Tunes/Night of the Living Dead sense as Eden Quay… but still bad.

There’s precisely four reasons to visit Smithfield at present.

1 – If you’re a minor being arraigned on a criminal charge.

2 – If you’re a tourist doing the Jameson tour.

3 – If you’re a cinephile going to the Lighthouse.


4 – If you’re going to the lovely Fresh supermarket.

One side of the square is luxury apartments. One side is derelict. One side has three storey Corporation(?) houses – and is mostly derelict – and one side is cut off from the rest by a road and Luas line and is mostly officey stuff in any case.

There are cars strewn about the square. There’s no seating worth mentioning. There’s no attractions particularly worth listing. The only attractions for a local are the moderately pricey supermarket and an up market cinema.

Abject failure for any urban space.

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