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I agree with tommyt, Smithfield Resi…the horse fair is a sham. Its a disgrace to allow it to continue because of some legal nicety. 1,000 years of history or not. If its necessary to continue a horsefair then it should be at a proper modern facility, just like a mart. And why on earth is it needed in the centre of a city! I cant imagine any tourists being interested in seeing 11 y/o boys being sold malnourised, poorly treated horses.

On the issue of the plans to finsih the square… I totally agree that €4m is a big budget. I would be interesrted to see the plans as well and I imagine a public consultation will take place. Another big site not to be forgotten is the triangular site bounded by Church Street and the Square. What is the story with this site?

Recently granted permission to demolish the derelict structures on the site and contineu seemingly endless archaeological excavations.
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