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@StephenC wrote:

Also what about this horsemarket lark….cant they pass a Byelaw to prohibit the market. Or request an Act of the Oireachtas. There must be some way to extingush the market right.

Sure what’s 1000 years of history….:rolleyes: Have you any idea how many tourists come and see this, it needs promoting (and true, policing) – it’s just a shame tourists have no reason to remain in Smithfield after the horse fair..

“The whole thing is a complete mess, but it was the local authority that allowed the market right all those years ago and it behoves the local authority to come up with a remedy… It’s on our desk and we have to deal with it.”

Not sure if they mean the Horse Market or Smithfield is a mess?

I really welcome them sorting out Smithfield, but what the hell is going to cost €4m to provide “water, drainage and power facilities on the existing space” and plant a few trees??

Presumably there is already water available through the mains, power runs to the lights, and last time I checked the drains sort of worked.

My fear will be that this will be an excuse to dig up the cobble setts again, remove them on the pretext of ‘drainage’ and create another crap ‘urban plaza’ like the one on Dame Street, full of concrete ‘planters’.

What’s really needed is to take the land off Jameson or whoever currently being used as a cut rate surface car park and turn that into Smithfield’s Garden Square – there’s passive overlooking and CCTV at the Luas stop if they open up the railings, plenty of mature trees there already to get the thing rolling. (and get the rest of the cars off the square for good – there’s a massive underground public carpark that is half empty under Smithfield Market)

Opposite, they should never have given Danniger permission to knock the ESB substation and give that over to an Arts organisation as was originally promised. Then sort out “The Hole”, and the strip of land that was CPO’d as part of the Luas works and is now a litter trap and a source of revenue for Pat Egan’s crappy IPA posters.

I hope to God there’s a consultation/planning process before they make it worse…

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