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Hi Kefu,

  • StephenC has a good point about lack of permeability by public transport – in particular the unreformed Dublin Bus routes via Stoneybatter still adhere to tramway routes from the 1930s, by going from the city centre up the quays and across a bridge onto Blackhall Place. To my mind it seems logical that with the redevelopment of Smithfield, some of these should have been rerouted by North King and Church Streets and via Fr. Matthew Bridge – hence delivering services to SF, rather than bypassing.
  • Separately from what I understand, the developers rented out a massive “step-down” space out to the HSE for addicts, in the block adjoining the motor tax offices. I suspect they rented out in desperation for some kind of revenue, however my understanding is that the facility is far larger than purely that for local needs. Smithfield was already providing home to the children’s court and also the probation service – yet the cumulative effect of all of these in the one place, in the absence of living commercial space, has really made it a no-go area.
  • Finally the tower, now closed for over two years, and the tall lamps unused, are really the final straw in terms of sending out all the wrong signals of dereliction and closure. These gave a sense of vibrancy that could be attractive to parents and their children, and while there may be issues about burning gas, there must be some inexpensive way to rehabilitate. Instead, idle and empty, these past attractions seem to compliment the stained and tatty awnings for the closed Park Hotel and convenience stores.

On the upside, in my opinion the Dice Bar and the Cobblestone pub continue to be successful, and imo Dice Bar has done more for regeneration of that area than the Luas – which imo has been counter-productive thru having been over-engineered and anti-pedestrian and anti-cyclist – please note the “no pedestrian” signs and barriers erected by Luas on pavements at Benburb and Church Streets – madness!

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