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I think some of the posts about Smithfield are far too negative; it’s not perfect, but needs to be seen as ‘work in progress’ rather than as a fully-functioning urban village (a complex phenomenon in any case). To describe it as a wasteland seems especially bizarre given the amount of recent intervention . OK, it’s a big empty open space framed by architecture of varying scale and quality; it has had an attempted commercial input which has not all flourished (and we are in the middle of a recession); and some people seem wedded to a vision of this area that imbues the previous range of uses – fruit/horse market particularly – with a ridiculous veneer of nostalgia.
The glass is actually half (or three-quarters) full. Build it and they will come – eventually. It’s a great urban space waiting to happen, and happen it will. But it won’t happen if people are determined not to go there just to prove a point.

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