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@GregF wrote:

I suppose folks living there in the new appartments are crippled with mortgages or rent and are only going from bed to work.

This is definitely not the case, these apartments were all Section 23, and only suitable for developers. All the occupants are tennants. Perhaps more owner occupied designed units would benefit the area in future.
The main reson people rent here is bacause the area is beside the city center, and so they dont go from work to bed to work. They spend more time in the city centre as a result.

@GregF wrote:

I dunno how the Council and local business folk cant initiate something to attract folk out of their appartments/cells. The Ice Skating and Chinese New Year festival are the sort of thing to give the place a lift. How about live open air music, jigs and reels etc… in conjunction with the Cobblestone could be a weekly feature….bring back the market but make it like the one in Temple Bar, with an international flavour as well. Hang up flags and buntings.

All of these things have been tried and happen all the time, including the buntings. Perhaps you didn’t know because nobody attents the events?
There are food markets and international markets on here all the time, but only ppl that live in Smithfield or pass through are aware of this.
A marketing campaign may be needed similar to the way the Docklands Authority markets that area.

The whole area needs to be rebranded and marketed properly. The council should be empowered to do this like the DDDA.

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