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Folk should’nt get too sentimental for the old market or horse fair. The thing is, that there is an architectural backdrop there now, and it’s just a matter of filling it with people. Getting a bit of human life into the place is the priority now like down the docks.

I suppose folks living there in the new appartments are crippled with mortgages or rent and are only going from bed to work. I dunno how the Council and local business folk cant initiate something to attract folk out of their appartments/cells. The Ice Skating and Chinese New Year festival are the sort of thing to give the place a lift. How about live open air music, jigs and reels etc… in conjunction with the Cobblestone could be a weekly feature….bring back the market but make it like the one in Temple Bar, with an international flavour as well. Hang up flags and buntings. A Horse Fair too but get the Irish Equistrian crowd and the moneybags Horse Racing crowd and a few toffs involved to share their knowledge. Make it weekly or montly etc….Get the Gardai involved as well to keep an eye on the druggies, skangers and half wits. It seems to be a main feature of Irish society today, as there are hundreds of such unfortunate people, homeless teenagers and children abandoned by their parents throughout the city centre, and very prominent along from Wood Quay to Aston Quay.

Regarding the tree planting to soften the place, but I’d be on for that, but with the trees planted in containers so that they could be moved about or removed when required. A few flower containers as well to liven the grey concrete. Jaypers, it’s not too big a deal really.

Moore Street is the exact opposite, a bustling market street full of folk from around the world but with an awful architectural backdrop of dereliction and squalor.

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