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Yes Smithfield is a wasteland, lived there for 2 years 2005-2007. In fact me and my mates were among the first people to move into the Smithfield Market apartments. Couldn’t wait to leave by the end.

– Far too much retail space provided considering the area is not a major destination. The amount of basement parking aims for thousands upon thousands of shoppers which never materialised.
– Major ASB problem in the area. I witnessed many assults and muggings in my time there. Very unsafe at night. Cops were busting skangers practically on a daily basis.
– Alcoholic treatment centre brings many drunks to the seating area at the south of the square near the Luas.
– Criminal Court brought lots of gougers to the square during the day, though only during working hours of course
– Still a large amount of dereliction, including on the square itself.
– Poor finish to the area – cobblestones not reset down near the Luas and just tarmaced over, braziers never lit anymore, lots of litter.
– Horse market. This is more of a neutral though, as although it brought vast quantities of droppings and litter and noise into the area, I know that it’s a tourist draw, and it was only once a month.
– Celtic Tiger feel to the new buildings. Reads was very swanky and expensive, same for Fresh, and the gym under the hotel. Nothing for anyone on a budget that’s for sure. Gentrification in its purest form.

– Lighthouse cinema: only opened recently but was very impressed, lovely place.
– Jameson distillery is worth a look.
– Cobblestone pub is a gem
– Close to pleasant Stoneybatter area
– Luas is a godsend
– Square and braziers are impressive

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