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There is a path of vacancy all the way from Smithfield to the fruitmarket: The aforementioned land beside the Luas line bring us down to Church St, then jink north through the large vacant site behind the Bridewell Garda station and that virtually brings you to Greek Street (need a bit of the District Court car park to get through to Greek St). There, the unattractive River house on Chancery Street is awaiting demolition. That backs onto the demolished fish market.
Presumably all this will be Namaed in the next few months and surely someone with vision (not me) can imagine some way of better connecting up Smithfield with Capel St/Henry St area so that it isn’t as desolate as it is now?
I’m having trouble viewing the Bolton St. students’ proposal but it looks a bit more radical than just redeveloping these existing vacant lots in some coherent way.

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