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Alek Smart

Droool?…sounds like the most bnoring load of old tripe. Who on earth would visit a Legal Museum?

Perhaps….perhaps Not….

One of the best visits I ever made was to the Museum of Irish Music and Culture which had a brief existence in The Chief O Neill`s complex.

It was IMO the best interactive and informative exposition of Irish Music to be found in this City.
Sadly,it died a death due to all of the Smithfield Factors so accurately depicted in this thread.
The final nail in it`s coffin came when the Museum`s creators were asked to “Funk it up” and consider allowing it to be used as a Nightclub in order to stimulate night-trade income.

In the current economic and social climate it is debatable whether Smithfield can in fact be saved from the Sandyford effect…ie: demolition and the return of the land to largely agrarian purposes…. 😉

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