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I wouldn’t be too cynical about this development. While I would be critical of some aspects of it – namely the sheer scale of it and the scorched earth policy in regard to any remaining historic buildings on site (by contrast the development on the opposite side of the square retained and incorporated a plethora of historic buildings and other structures) – I would give it a chance. If Fresh’s fish is not selling yet it’s probably because people don’t know about it yet – It only opened the other week after all. Smithfield has been ‘about to happen’ for so long now that I am dying to see if it actually will happen, if this new development will provide the critical mass to create a vibrant area.


Good picture of the fire in No. 80 King Street in that linked thread, Paul. I suppose there’s not much left inside it now!
The ‘accidental’ fire in a historic building – such a tiresome stunt. Another happened recently on the top two floors of an Aungier Street house, the one that used to be the hat shop, Coyle’s.

This picture is from 2000, at the time the two small ones were being demolished behind the facades:

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