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Regarding the terrace of four in disrepair, it’s difficult to know what to do because they are quite bad – the two in the middle are just a front wall! Still (if restored) they would be a reminder of what so much of Dublin was once like. The one on the left supposedly still retains some features of note internally. All four are protected structures. If you wanted to demolish them you would probably have to go through the process of having them removed from the RPS first. It would probably be permitted in the case of the middle two, but not necessarily the other two.

There was a nice ambience of old Dublin at the top of Smithfield. When this pub (top picture) was demolished in 2003, I think it damaged that ambience. The pub – Bo Derrol’s – (a non-PS) was originally to have been retained within the big west side development, but they snuck in a demolition application at the last minute, with a report written by a “Conservation Architect” (who specialises in writing off old buildings – some of you will know him) saying the building wasn’t worth keeping and the Council went for it.

It was quite a good quality 19th century building, normally the type of building you would retain and repair. And it could have been easily kept within the huge site – it was just greediness that they wanted to get rid of it.

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