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The best thing they could do with Smithfield would be to get rid of every single thing that sticks out of the ground in the square – lampposts, signs, the stainless steel bollards and even the feature “Nuremburg Rally” gas lights. The latter in particular are responsible for most of the lopsidedness; the difference in building heights on both sides isn’t as significant as it seems. Without them the large chimney and setbacks on the eastern side would provide some sort of counter balance. Also these features – especially the bollards – create visual “lines” across the square which are ugly and arbitrary and break up the potential “squareness” of the space. After that, they should ensure a uniform paving scheme for the entire square – getting rid of the eastern “road” – for example by extending the cobbling to cover the entire space.

There isn’t much you can do with the mishmash of buildings but for me that’s part of the square’s appeal. I’d hate to see the Cobblestone go I have to say – it’s a great pub and one of the few reasons why “outsiders” visit the area at night.

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