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I think the Corpo houses are kinda fun – they bring all the po-faced planned-within-an-inch-of-its-life development back down to earth :). But yes, agreed that they are out of context and they do interrupt on things, but I can’t see what can be done about them if most are privately owned. At least they’re three storey…

Some great images there (how did you get up so high for the wide?!). I’d tend to side on the demolition side of things regarding the northern terrace. You really have to see it in real life to note just how out of context it is, not that the pics don’t do it anyway. Saying that, it is a difficult case as it would be a shame to wipe away the area’s past which would be my concern, rather than wiping away a few old buildings. But the two-storeys really are so very lack-lustre in such a prominent location; it’s difficult to fight their corner, especially given the many examples of similar stock in the vicinity of the square – it’s not as if they’re the last ones standing. Perhaps a full facade stripping of all that muck could bring them out well.

The western side’s height is very refreshing I think – the disparity between this and the opposite side isn’t as great to make it preposterous – just a little awkward, but overall it works very well I think. And there really is so little left of original streetscapes of merit in the area that there’s no point compromising height in new development here – if anything the contrast with what is left is quite pleasant. The issue of massing is different to that of height, and if this can be addressed in the sensitive areas where new development meets existing grain, then everything ought to integrate a lot better.

Love the curved street: a format we seemed to have left behind in the 1770s and forgotton all about. The standard of design and materials is also commendable, though agreed with niallig that this cannot make up for the certain lack of soul that’s there at present – perhaps it will improve with time. There’s so many areas in Dublin like this now that are brand-spanking new with high quality buildings and public spaces, yet they just feel like white elephants without a soul about. They probably all just need time to grow up.

Surely this is a big joke?!

And as for Beaux Lane House’s adolescent sibling – sure don’t they grow up so fast altogether….

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