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Couldn’t agree more Thomond Park.
I think the issue with Smithfield Market is that when this area was put into the urban renewal pot initially in the late 1980s (I think), it was precisely as you described it – marginal.
However, by the time, this development was approved just a couple of years ago, It was always going to be incredibly lucrative. There was absolutely no risk involved in this.
It wasn’t just Collins Barracks and the other side of Smithfield either that lifted the area.
Almost the entirety of Stoneybatter/Manor Street had already been gentrified. North Brunswick Street had been almost entirely redeveloped and the Luas line was practically laid.
It was a complete no-brainer for the developers.
I agree that Section 23 type incentives shouldn’t be thrown out entirely.
They are a good way to get the ball rolling. But very strict reviewable time limits and conditions should be adopted in future so that developers can’t cash in on the risk that was taken by somebody else years earlier.

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