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I saw this too on Twitter a few days back. Shocking picture to use and really unfortunate for the powers that be who like to present that I need to go I need to get away from everything’ view of the city. But you make a valid point of course.
What about that classic view of the Ha’penny Bridge…with that monstrous canopy over the door. Its been brought to the attention of so many city officials but none of them care to be frank.
Or think of The Dubline…Dublin’s emerging high quality tourist trail. Look at Dame Street. A parade of takeaways and pubs at this stage. I see a Subway going into the Londis close to College Green…the handy way of getting a fastfood operator in without needing to fuss about with planning permission. Elsewhere on the street kebabs, chinese buffets, chipshops, dubious burger bars, etc abound. You would be hard pushed to find an actual shop. I imagine the next step is less and less daytimes uses as nighttime becomes more lucrative.
All this along what should be one of the city’s premier streets.

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