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Tesco have just been granted permission from Dublin City Council for a new store on the square at Units 18-19…formerly The Complex. The decision awaits a final grant.’wphappsearchres.displayResultsURL?ResultID=2131484%26StartIndex=1%26SortOrder=APNID:asc%26DispResultsAs=WPHAPPSEARCHRES%26BackURL=%3Ca%20href=wphappcriteria.display?paSearchKey=1723999%3ESearch%20Criteria%3C/a%3E’%3ESearch%20Results%3C/a%3E

The off-licence of the store element was removed.

I love this ‘unambiguous’ condition

7. Security roller shutters and their casing, if installed, shall be recessed behind the perimeter glazing and shall be factory finished in a single colour to match the colour scheme of the building. Such shutters shall be of the ‘open lattice’ type and shall not be used for any form of advertising, unless authorised by a further grant of planning permission Reason: In the interests of visual amenity

Its obviously up to you guys whether to create a dreadful dead frontage at night.

Details of the proposed signage and frontage

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