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Smithfield almost complete….

Still faffing around with the services pavillion thingy but otherwise the space has been returned to the city albeit now surrounded by these swanky new beech hedges in planters.

Annoyingly, you can wander about and spot plenty of small patches of tarmac or missing pavoirs in the original section. A bit of snagging wouldn’t have gone amiss.

In addition to the southern section of the square, a number of the adjoining streets such as Haymarket and New Church Avenue have been cobbled and repaved.

The scheme extends down May Lane towards the City Markets area (hopefully next on the list)

This London-style rank of pointless bollards unfortunately left in place. And that bloody fencing.

I like the new LED lights here.

The new Generator Hostel on the square was buzzing this afternoon. Seems to be doing a roaring trade. Unfortunately, tourists from the hostel are the main footfall on the square. Hopefully that will change….lots of empty shops to fill.

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