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I met a DCC planning colleague recently who is stressed out working on LAPs for areas such as Pelletstown and North Fringe…but this area (previously designated as HARP) and the Liberties must surely be the development priorities for the city as confidence returns to the construction sector. I am not talking about wholesale landbanking, demolition and shite rebuild as shown in your post exene1 but rather something approximating to regeneration that maintains and restores the essential character and quality of the area. Yet, to my knowledge the Forward Planning team in DCC don’t have this area on its radar. The Liberties has its unimplementable LAP of course (after a suggested €1m spent devising it!) but as yet there is no up to date ‘action plan’ for Smithfield. Things will just happen as they will. A h.uge amount of NAMA sites around here I’d warrant

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