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Nice. I was still on neg at the time :”>

Some more pics of the buildings at the top corner:

It was was totally unecessary to demolish that Victorian pub, Bo Derrols. It was just runaway boom excess. A corner historic building like that should be an asset in your scheme. If the Thomas Reads had opened there instead of where it did, it would probably be still open, Thomas Read’s other problems notwithstanding. I new some new sports type bar has opened where it was.

If ya heard developer Paddy Kelly in the paper recently, jaysus your heart would bleed … his indignation about people’s feelings toward Smithfield ……. which in any case is more about Smithfield generally than what he built.

The cement-rendered one to the right of the pub was an early building – the tell-tale corner chimney breast was visible through the shop window ….. mass bulldozing around here.

As they were coming down, 2003 direction:

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