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@gunter wrote:

That Corpo scan of the proposed office block on the Distillers’ site perfectly captures the leaden qualities of the proposal.
We really are in the architectural doldrums at the moment.

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A Public Event Licence application was recently lodged for a ‘German Market’ and a seasonal public ice rink, all under the marketing umbrella of a ‘Winterwonderlands’, intended to be located on the grounds at the Royal Hospital in Kilmainham. Is there some reason, that I’m simply not understanding, why this kind of thing isn’t going into the vast emptiness of Smithfield? .

the horses would slip. although, they’d be bratwurst in no time then so

I was looking at the IFSC event guide and note that the german xmas market isn’t there (yet). I hope this isn’t its new home because it will die a million deaths in the RHK

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