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@Smithfield Resi wrote:

I think the braziers should stay, but perhaps have high power low energy LEDs installed to make beams of light shine from them.

like this?

On the matter of The Complex;

There was a piece in one of the papers today about the Tesco store planned for ‘The Complex’, something about not having an off-licence. I couldn’t catch it all, the guy turned the page.

A couple of weeks ago, an acquaintance attended a play in The Complex, it was some harrowing family thing that went on for two and a half hours. Not the kind of thing if you’re looking for cheering up. Apparently it was very well performed and grimly realistic, but there were only six people in the audience, and two of them left at the interval.

. . . . and yes we need a market of some kind in Smithfield, urgently.

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