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I cant disagree with anything you say here Smithfield Resi! Its all a load of old cobblers – if you pardon the pun.

Re poles: If I am not mistaken DCC Planners put a condition on the works specifying a restrained approach to poles and signage. I must dig that out.
Lighting: Another small but annoying point- the lightstand installed at the pedestrian crossing on N King Street is different again from anything else on the street. One of the usual galvanised steel industrial park efforts so beloved of DCC Lighting. Why? Why not use the same repros as found further down the street. Why not use the opportunity to install a consistent lighting scheme all the way up N. King Street to Church Street? I dont get it. Why doesnt anyone see these small but inportant points.

Meanwhile, back to the bigger picture – the restaurant beside the Lighthouse closes…the area is littered with empty units….”development sites” lie undeveloped and falling into ruin and dereliction….. and no one really wants to go to Smithfield. Why would they? What for? I fear for the future of the Lighthouse (it looks like such an architectural white elephant now). Yesterday was the first time I have been there when the auditorium I was in was full (and I make a point of supporting the place). Its usually got a handful of people there and is utterly devoid of atmosphere. The cafe is more like a surgery and all that empty space makes its feel even more lifeless.

Dublin city centre is falling apart in my view….and I dont know what to do about it. It seems I am not alone.

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