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You are not being entirely fair Smithfield Resi. The car space you highlight is the old parking area which is to be replaced by a new landscaped area. The empty poles probably relate to those and are likely to be removed once works on this section commence. The tarmac lump are a result of the removal of light stands and I imagine they too will be repaired with cobbles. The work is undoubtedly shoddy looking at present but it is a work in process. Signage is a mess all over the city: I see a new post for the interminably delayed wayfinder scheme, perhaps that will negate the need for these other fingerposts. I don’t know what the “bunker” is for….all will be revealed by summer.

The notice about parking isn’t really conflicting….at the end of the day its saying that you cant park on the square and that if you do you will be clamped. No doubt some residents don’t see the square as the big civic space that it is meant to be. And sometimes our council don’t either.

The main part of the southern section of the square has been cleared of trees and cobbles ready for relaying. A notice says that works will be completed by end of summer 2011.

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