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I have to say that the Smithfield public domain works are progressing at a snails pace. All that has been done to date is the lifting and relaying of cobbles at the northern end and some new lighting. Why is it taking so long to get some steam behind this work. The press release for the scheme stated that the works would be completed in December 2010. That must have been a typo because there is no way they will have gotten even a third of the way there by then.

The condition of this area of the city is truly awful. Walking around today it just struck me how poorly maintained are many of the smaller streets of this area. Most haven’t seen anything in the way of investment or even routine maintenance since the 1980s. Old style lamps rust and decay, broken pavements, poor street surfaces with many cobbles missing, poles and bollards aplenty. Its shockingly bad really. How come the City Council just continue to ignore whole swathes of the city centre.

As one walks down towards the Market area, little changes. The newly refurbished park at Chancery Place is very smart but so much of the area is decrepit. HARP is but a distance memory around here.

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