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I’ve been a ‘pink’ man since, oooh, 1993? When it was neither profitable nor popular…
And I’ve never worn black by choice- dress suit only. There’s enough of it in the world already.

Architect? How dare you!! I’m a PLANNER! No polonecks and intelligent spectacles for me, mate. ‘Tis they who are on the receiving end of my ire, with their notions, and their concepts, and their visions 😉 (Not really, but we must perpetuate the stereotyped dichotomy between the two disciplines.)

A classmate of mine is doing a thesis on the urban design implications of the smoking ban- can’t wait to see his results. But yes, I think this will become an increasingly important area. From a planning point of view, outdoor cig bins all carry advertising- should this require planning permission? And canopies/awnings too? And what about the fixing of said cig bins to the walls of protected structures (which many pubs are)- does this compromise their heritage integrity?
There is evidence too that the lack of an enclosed yard (sorry, ‘beer garden’) with a pub has an effect on the value of the property- reducing it by as much as 20% (according to recent article in I.T. Commercial Property).
I think this will be a fascinating area to watch in the next while.

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